Zombie Parkour Runner officially doubles the number of parkour games I have played. I decided it was only a matter of time before I brought up Mirror’s Edge in this review, so I just got it out of the way. Zombie Parkour Runner is exactly what I would want Mirror’s Edge to be if it was turned into a 2D game in which you’re trying to avoid and escape zombies. Interested yet? Read on!

In Zombie Parkour Runner your character is constantly moving and you’ll need to react to obstacles as they come in your path. This isn’t like Jetpack Joyride or Bit.Trip Runner though; in this game you must parkour your way around. It moves at a bit of a slower pace than those previously mentioned games, but is also much more complex.

They did a great job of handling the parkour in this game. As objects get in your way a little chalk outline will appear where a parkour move can be performed. Successfully performing sequential parkour moves will begin to net a “runner’s high” which makes you move quicker and score more points for moves.

There is a good variety of parkour you’ll be doing here. Most basic will be leaping over or under cones and fences. Sometimes it’ll be sliding down a pole, running across a billboard and of course attacking zombies. It’s all controlled with simple taps, but can sometimes be a bit frustrating when trying to quickly string moves together. It seems that the game doesn’t take new input while executing a move so in some areas where you must perform a move then quickly jump to avoid falling to your death the timing can be extremely picky.

All levels have an alternative path at the end of which an item is found. Of course, keeping your runners high going, finding the hidden object and having an all around near perfect run is the only way to net a three star rating on each level. Luckily, the levels are all highly replayable and learning to master them is a (mostly) enjoyable experience.

It takes a bit of time to get used to jumping in Zombie Parkour Runner. How long you hold your finger down determines how far of a jump the character will make. Sometimes you need to be extremely precise and the difference in jump distance feels like milliseconds of hold time. This makes it feel very difficulut to figure out how hard to press since the difference is so small.

The biggest disappointment for me came when I hit the 4th set of stages and it prompted me to go to the app store and spend another $1 to get them. I don’t mind DLC, but I don’t like being teased of content and then later prompted to buy. If the game was worth $3 to them, I would have rather just paid up front instead of feeling like a portion was taken away.


Parkour. The great thing about both Mirror’s Edge and Zombie Parkour Runner is that parkour just plain looks cool! It’s something I will never do in real life and I feel cool doing it, not to mention beating on zombies while doing it.

Comic Feel. I love the comic feel style graphics and I always will. I think this game looks great, all the effects are cool as you up your runners high and everything looks semi-realistic but cartoony at the same time. It never gets old for me.

Level Variety. The levels in this game feel consistantly unique. Every 10 stages changes to a different location which change up the background and visuals a bit. They also get increasingly more complex to force you to improve.


Short. This game is definitely a bit short. At only 30 stages this game has a considerably small amount of content, even factoring in the time to 3 star them all. It will be nice to see more DLC come out, but it looks like the packs will be sold at $1 a piece.

Input Responsiveness. I like the style they used for the input in this game, but when things get tight and you need to perform a string of moves in close succession failing often feels like the game didn’t listen read your input properly.

Another Running Game. There have been a ton of running games lately and I am getting a bit tired of the trend. Though I think this is one of the more unique ones I’ve played, it is a genre that is getting old.


I mostly enjoyed my time playing Zombie Parkour Runner. It took some time for me to warm up to it, but once I got in the groove of doing highscore focused runs I found a lot of enjoyment here. Though I don’t see a lot of reason to go back now that I’ve 3 starred levels, I look forward to playing the DLC sometime in the future and putting this up there with my other favorite running game, Run Roo Run