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Super Swing Golf 7.1/10

As a fairly sporty person I was interested to see another golf game for the Wii; especially as I play the odd round of golf occasionally. I was slightly put off by the initial ‘fairyland cartoon’ impression I got from the start off the game. However I carried on and despite my first impressions I actually enjoyed the game.

The game has a story line which is a big advantage over most Wii games, it’s not the most interesting story line every thought up but it’s a story line all the same. The Pangya island was once surrounded by an evil force field, it was saved by concentrating the inhabitant’s into the mystic pheonix ball and then shooting it into a hole in the evil force field using the Air Lance this feat was achieved by a warrior from another universe and now they have an annual Pangya (Golf) tournament which you, Scott a young boy are invited to participate in. It is quite annoying how the characters don’t actually speak to you; but are continously churning out text for you to read which, if you want to skip through takes an age.

Now coming onto the actual gameplay, the actual golf is very good, for anyone who has played the Wii Sports golf; the golf in this game is 10 times more realistic. For example you actually have to bring the remote far back to get full power, in Wii golf a simple flick of the wrist would achieve this. Unlike Wii golf it is not swinging to fast that determines if you hook or slice the ball, but how straight your swing is. For example if you twist the remote or your swing is swerving you will hook or slice the ball; this is much more realistic to real golf. The putting is good; though it takes some time to get used to. There are dots that indicate the slope of the green unlike in wii sports golf where you hae to guess.

It’s fun and also slightly amusing how you different items affect the power, control and spin of your shots. The multiplayer is fun and they’ve added on some nice slightly different versions of the multiplayer game, one is Balloon Pop where you have to try an pop as many balloons as possible with your shots and the other is Darts where you have to aim your shot to land at a specific location and the closer you are the more points you gain.

All in all this is a good game, kids will love it and the golf is realistic too! Well done rising star games

We give it 7.1/10

Tom Phillipsis the owner and editor in chief of ParaGamer. To contact Tom please email Email this author

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