Internet marketing becomes so competitive in recent years, that it becomes very difficult to come up in the front page of search engine. The nature of search engine is that, if you are in the front page of search engines you get more and more website traffic depending of the search volume of that keyword. And if you are in the inner pages you get very less organic website traffic. If you are more than ten pages in search results you don’t expect any free traffic from search engine.
When you have visitors in your site, a certain percentage of that will convert to sales. So it is important to get traffic to your website. To get in to the front page of search engines your site should be optimized for that keyword. There are some simple on page optimization which will boost your rankings up to three hundred. It will vary depending on the competition of that keyword. Let us look in to the simple optimization methods which you can do without spending a penny.
The first step in on page optimization is selecting the right keyword. If you select very competitive keyword and try optimizing for that keyword, it will take many months or years to get in front page of search engine. So first you should find some long phrase keyword which got moderate searches per month. See how many websites have that keyword in their title. If the ratio of keyword search to all in title keyword search results are high it will be easier to rank well in that keyword. There are many search engine optimization tools, which will give all these results in a few clicks.
You should select three to five keywords initially and try to get good ranking in those keywords. First you should make your title with your main keyword. Try to make a good natural slogan with your keywords. Try starting with your keywords. This got more value. Instead of ‘and’ use ‘|’ symbol between keywords. Whatever you are doing first check the top ranked sites in those keywords. Try to do better than them. But remember not to spam with keywords. Make a <H1> header tag at beginning and towards end of the web page with your keywords. If you can make your <alt> image tags in keywords. But remember not to spam. Your keywords should be naturally spread in your web page. Try bolding some of the main keywords.
Usually webmasters stay away when they hear the word search engine optimization . You can see how simple are these tips which you can use to increase your search engine page rank. In next post we will discuss some simple off page optimization methods. These are strategy which I used in some of my sites and got in front page of all search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alltheweb etc). Today I was wondering while checking my site statics, I seen that getting some traffic from AOL. I don’t use AOL. So I checked AOL and seen my site in their front page. I noticed AOL uses same Google results. So Google ranking can get traffic from other search engines also.
Using proper internet marketing tools you can easily do these on many sites. These need to do once. Then you should concentrate on off page optimization which will discuss in next post.