Front End Repair

We do front-end suspension repair, front axel, and drive shaft. We service most vehicles on front-end suspension, axels drives shafts and many more. Call us for info.


We can adjust, check or replace your shocks, shock obsorbers, and struts.

Purpose of Shocks & Struts

In the true sense of the word, a shock absorber is not a shock absorber. It’s the springs, not the shock absorbers, that absorb road shocks. If a spring had to do this without the dampening, or controlling effects of a shock absorber, it would continue to bound after hitting the bump. And, since the springs support the weight of the body, the entire vehicle would continue to bounce after a bump, creating an unstable and uncomfortable condition.

While dampening of spring action still is their main purpose, shock absorbers (and, on most late model cars, “struts”) also play a vital role in of controlling a vehicle’s handling and ride.

When your shocks are going bad, here are some signs to look for!

Signs You May Need New Shocks or Struts:

  • Roll or sway on turns.
  • Front end dives when braking.
  • Rear end “Squats” when accelerating.
  • Vehicle bounces or slides sideways on a winding, rough road.

Preventive Checkups

Shock absorbers and struts seldom go bad all at once. Instead they gradually lose their ability to control the vehicle’s stability. You may be unaware of deteriorating ride control until the condition has become serious. For this reason it’s wise to test and inspect shocks and struts regularly.

Things to look for:

  • Leaks on hosing
  • Dents on the strut or shock body
  • Worn rubber mounting bushings
  • Abnormally worn or cupped tire tread
  • Damaged or missing compression bumpers
  • Damaged or missing protective boots
  • Pitted or dented piston rod