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Car & Truck Repair and auto Service in San Francisco

Clutch Repair

If your experiencing lack of power when you accelerate, and your vehicle is not responding to your acceleration, this may be a sign of a slipping clutch. This may not happen in all the gears. It may start slipping in your highest gear and work it’s way to the lowest gear. It will gradually get worse until your vehicle stops moving when you accelerate.

What is a CLUTCH?

The car clutch is something that you use extensively while driving. So you need to make sure that it is in good working condition. Although the clutch normally lasts for an average of 5 years, the actual lifetime of your car’s clutch really depends on the way you drive and the journeys you make. Using your clutch to move the car from a stationary position wears it out more. Therefore driving in the city where you will have to stop like a hundred times because of traffic will wear out the clutch more than driving on motorways.