Of course, everyone!

Being in a web publishing business is fun.

But in other times, writing a wonderful post is excruciatingly painful and gruesome. We got many enemies to menti0n – writers’ block, white space, lack of focus, lack of time, creative juice not working, lack of ideas , loss of words or simply just burned out writing. When at times you find yourself sick to the stomach by just thinking of pounding your computer keyboard, you got writer’s burn out.

Don’t get despair.

Even the most prolific web writer has his bouts of writers’ block. It is perfectly normal.

All you need to do is rest a bit and apply some writing techniques that will help you come up with better web contents day in and day out.



1) Start Out Your Post With Outline – Writing a web content without an outline is like building a house without a construction blueprint. You write a sentence here and sentence there and you end up mumbling and moving around the bush. You end up with a wordy web post, unconnected ideas and without a structure.

The basic outline is simple.

It starts with an introduction, then body and ends with conclusion. The body of your message can consist of a single idea or a list of ideas. You can play around with your outline structure as your writing expertise grows.

But the bottom line, writing a great web content starts with a clear outline.


2) Write your first draft – How do you write the first draft? Just expand your outline and explain it in plain and simple language.

Let the ideas flow freely and write liberally without holding off.

This is the best part of writing. Writing first draft is one of way of self expression letting out ideas flow from your finger tips. Make it simple. Write it out in a free form without any restriction. This is not the time to censor anything.

When you are done with the first draft, stop. This is not the time to publish your finished article, not yet.

First draft is never intended for your audience. Let it sit for a while. You need fresh eyes to do some refining.


3) Spice Up Your First draft – Like a sculptor who removes unwanted wooden chips to bring out his masterpiece, this is the stage when you cut out misaligned ideas, rearrange idea flow, rewrite sentences, add new ideas and combine single thoughts in a paragraph.

If during first draft, you write like a liberal; during this stage you edit your work like a conservative.

Refining could take several stages. When will you stop? You will just know it.

I know this seemed to be an unfair answer to a fair question but it is true.

As you get to write more and publish more contents, you get a feel of how a great web content reads and sounds. You will develop it through time.


4) Check the spellings and grammars – This sounds basic and might seem a common sense.But believe me, people miss this one from time to time. Microsoft comes with a cool spell checker and grammar checker, too. It is not fool proof. But it does a pretty good job in checking your spelling and grammar.

If you really need to do some manual spell check, read your writing backward. It will force you to read and check every single word.


5) Hit Publish – Congratulations! You got a great and remarkable web content . You have finished coming up with a crisp life changing article. Do the world the honor by sharing it out. Don’t be shy. That is the reward for your hard work. You don’t know how many lives are you changing until you give it a try.

Happy writing!