I have all the major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE 9 downloaded on my computer. I also use IE 9 to render the 7th and 8th versions. I use them every day to test webpages. Among them, I would say that Chrome provides the best user-experience. Well, it is produced by Google, who stops at nothing to get the biggest market.

For anyone that has used different smartphones they will tell you that there’s nothing like the iPhone. It’s the best thing around. No ifs, no buts. Now put the best browser and the best device together and you’ll get the best mobile browsing experience.

Google Chrome for the iPhone and Google Chrome for the iPad were only made available as an app a few weeks ago. It was a dream comes true for mobile users. It supports Chrome sync and it’s just as full-featured as the browser that many of us come to know and love about Google Chrome.
Google Chrome for iPhone can be downloaded for free from the App Store. You just have to sign up to Chrome with your email address and password. If you have been using Chrome on your desktop, you can use the same login details.

One thing that I instantly came to love about Google Chrome for iPhone is its sync feature. For example: if you have been reading about mobile web development on your iPhone while you were on your way to your house after a day’s work, when you log in to your desktop, you’ll have the same page on your screen waiting for you to continue reading. That’s brilliant!

In addition, any bookmarks you have on Chrome are also synchronized on all your devices – be it an iPhone, an iPad, laptop or desktop. Just as long as you are logged in to Chrome, you can enjoy its awesome features!

Google Chrome for iPhone and Google chrome for iPad will also allow you to open as many tabs as you like. As a developer, opening multiple tabs at any given time is anything but normal to me. I tested Google Chrome on iPhone with 5 tabs opened and I was surprised to see that in terms of speed, it remained stable.

To open another tab, you simply need to tap the square icon on the upper right corner, tap +New Tab and it will allow you to enter another website URL. To view all the tabs, you simply need to tap the same square icon, which displays the number of tabs you have opened, and all the pages on your tabs are filed like game cards on top of each other with just the URL and the header on view. Press any of those and it opens up the page in full.

I have used Opera before. I had no complaints about it because I thought that mobile browsing couldn’t get any better. Until Google Chrome for iPhone and Google Chrome for iPad came, mobile browsing is never the same again. Get it!.