Danielle B.

Fast, quality service is what I get every time I go here.  A few weeks ago, I suddenly got a flat tire, then noticed that my other front tire.  Had my car towed to their station on a Saturday morning at 10am.  after they checked the car, noticed that my brakes were severely worn down, told me I needed them replaced.  By 3pm, I had 2 brand new front tires, new front brakes and rotors, and an oil change; cost $540.  From what I can tell, these guys seem honest; I say this because they once did something for free.  I have no idea how comparable their prices are to the rest of the city, since this is the only place I’ve gone to since I moved here 3 years ago.  They are ridiculously convenient and super fast, so to me, that’s priceless.

PS—They have some of the cheapest gas in the city!!