Listen to this Quanta Affiliates 5 minute video to learn how she is creating success in her Quanta business!

1. Commit to Success Being a Journey

Success is not a final destination, it is a journey. Successful people never stop pushing forward, setting goals and striving for the next accomplishment. Success is a verb, it is an action or a series of actions you take every day. Success is not free, there is a cost and it is not always financial!

2. Be a Product of the Product.

The most powerful marketing tool you have is you. Trying to sell people on the quanta products and quanta opportunity without first engaging yourself will be a long uphill road. If you listen to the mentor moments, engage with the fusion program, dive into the achievers club and let the lessons penetrate your mind and facilitate change in your life… guess what… PEOPLE WILL NOTICE! And when they notice the way your life has changed, they way you have changed, and the way you are changing those around you, they will come knocking on your door begging to be let in on the secret! Can you imagine?!

Additionally, being a product of the quanta products is the best life training and entrepreneurial training out there. Industry leaders who are not even a part of Quanta agree, this model is unlike anything else… it is powerful and transformative on every level!

3. Utilize the Quick Start Manual

You can locate the Quick Start Manual and the Quick Start Training Sessions in your Quanta back office. DONT STOP Learning. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned MLM guru or new to the business the Quanta training manual and sessions are critical to your success. Again, don’t just listen or read them you need to also apply them! You must take action.


At the end of the day this business boils down to one thing… building relationships. If you feel you lack skills to do that, engage in the Quanta products! PPP, Fusion and the Achiever’s club combined provide you with a plethora of training to take your relationship skills to another level. But remember, the process is easy! You don’t have to be good at relationships now, you don’t have to know the business inside and out, you have a team! Jim Lutes says it time and again: Contact, Appointment, Presentation & Follow Up.

* CONTACT – Making contact with an individual in person, on the phone, in a social media platform… it doesn’t matter. You make contact, learn a little about them through asking genuine open ended questions and when the opportunity arises you can say, “Me and my business partners are actually growing a rockstar company and we’re looking for leaders in (ENTER CITY or STATE). We are growing fast and there is a lot of money to be made! Do you know of anyone who would be interested in working part time or full time and earn an extra $3,000 – $10,000 a month?”


* APPOINTMENT – No matter what they say as a response to your question above, resist the urge to over share. Professionals set appointments! So when they ask for more information say something like; “Okay, wonderful! Here’s what I am going to do. I want to make sure you have all the information and we get all your questions answered right up front. I am sending you a few links that will take about 30 minutes to review. Then we’ll set up a time to discuss this further. When do will you have had time to review those links and be ready for a 20-30 minute call? ” Then immediately send them the links and reconfirm the appointment. End the call with, “Great! This is exciting and I am excited to explore this with you to see if it is a fit for you! We are growing fast, so I busy! I just want to confirm, when I call you on XY date and XY time you’ll be ready, right?“


* PRESENTATION – Once you set that call appointment get someone in your up-line scheduled to be on the call with you. They can do the presentation! Meanwhile you can listen and learn. Besides, even if you are at a point where you could do the presentation in your sleep, you still need a 3-way call. Why? It is not magic, it is sociology and psychology. When that lead gets the chance to hear someone else validate what you have already shared you have brought them much closer to making a decision to join! The greats of the industry all agree the 3-way call is the most powerful and underutilized tool in our industry.


* FOLLOW UP – Oh my! Please don’t do all that work above and then forget to follow up! This is critical. Remember, you’re just checking in and making sure all questions have been answered. You can totally ask if they are ready to take the next step but for the love of Pete don’t twist their arm into joining. It will do you no good at all to have someone on your team that is not intrinsically motivated to be there.