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Meg W.

I had no idea.  I pulled up and started to get out of Chick to filler up.  I got a very puzzled look from the station attendant.  Seems he would like to pump my gas for me.  Well, then.  Be my guest.
Awesome throwback.  And at the same price as other stations in the area.

It so reminded me of when I was a little girl at grampa’s house which was situated right next to the gas station he owned/operated.  He’d be out there pumping gas, washing windshields, checking oil, even in sub-zero Wisconsin winters… Grampa was awesome to watch.  And I miss him.

Tracie H.

Needed an oil change while I was traveling (just my luck). Called and they told me to bring it. As they pulled my car in I noticed the rear tire looked low, as the car went past me, I could see there was a screw in the tire. I pointed it out to the guys and they took care of it. Very fast, friendly but most importantly, they are competent! Not the closest garage to my home but definitely worth the extra driving. Highly recommend.

Erica T.

I very very wanna to yelp this gas station.. cause I was here on a raining day. I try to get out the car and pay and pump my gas. this very nice guy came up to me and please stay in the car. I will pump the gas for you.. I said wow…. its there any extra charge on it. he say no.. woo wow.

super nice service.. I love this place…

Carol Y.

thank you for replacing my brakes and rotors for just under $100!!! whats even better, you were able to fix my car within a couple of hours on the same day.

thank you very much.

Marianne W.

This used to be my top spot to get gas whenever I drove by and my tank was low..the price for gas was always cheaper here than it was anywhere else AND the best part….they have someone pumping my gas for me- it’s not often that you get a full service gas station!

Danielle B.

Fast, quality service is what I get every time I go here.  A few weeks ago, I suddenly got a flat tire, then noticed that my other front tire.  Had my car towed to their station on a Saturday morning at 10am.  after they checked the car, noticed that my brakes were severely worn down, told me I needed them replaced.  By 3pm, I had 2 brand new front tires, new front brakes and rotors, and an oil change; cost $540.  From what I can tell, these guys seem honest; I say this because they once did something for free.  I have no idea how comparable their prices are to the rest of the city, since this is the only place I’ve gone to since I moved here 3 years ago.  They are ridiculously convenient and super fast, so to me, that’s priceless.

PS—They have some of the cheapest gas in the city!!

Amy L.

Cheaper than other gas stations in the area, has full service available, and open late – what’s not to like?!

It can be a little awkward getting in and out of the parking lot for this business, and they don’t have much of a convenience store, but they do inexpensive smog checks and the guys who work here are polite.

There.  I’ve actually reviewed a gas station.  I’m thoroughly proud of myself 🙂

Colin H.

Never came here to get my car serviced before, I only come here for gas. It is consistently cheaper than most 76 stations anywhere else, and all surrounding shell/chevron stations. On the side closer to 20ththey have full service and on the side closer to 18th it is self service. I usually go to the side closer to 18th because it is less crowded, and is more convenient for me when driving out to the richmond.

Review based on gas prices only.

David L.

Wow! What great service. I boguht my gf’s car in this morning around 10am. Picked it up at 4pm.  FREE INSPECTION!

She had some bad brakes, I knew it was time for new ones. Since I own a Car performance shop, I knew what she needed and prices for labor. She needed her rotors re-surfaced and new brake pads installed. First thing I thought of, was 76 on 19th. The one between 19th and 20th Ave Judah. I bought her some brake pads from my shop and had them installed.

I had great service, maybe because I told them I worked 1/2 a block away and I knew what I was talking about. Price was great for the labor too. I would bring my own car there if I needed something done.