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Applying for the Carte Grise the easy way

Driving in France can be an exhilarating experience as well as a terrifying one if you are not well informed of the road rules. Traffic rules and regulations are extremely strict here and anyone not following them to the letter can expect to face the consequences of being fined or jailed. The French also take documentation very seriously and a motorist not in possession of the required documents such as his vehicle registration card called the Carte grise in France and proof of ownership of vehicle will also have a lot to answer for.

Making excuses will not get you anywhere with the French police and the more you plead the sterner they will be. Especially if you’re a foreigner, you will definitely be looked at with suspicion if you’re not in a position to submit the legal papers they require. Most new comers to the country are unaware that they should apply for the Carte grise if they’re planning to live in France for more than 6 months since its illegal to drive on French roads without this very important document.

The French police don’t actually need an excuse to stop a motorist to check his papers and his identification and this makes it all the more important for everyone to carry their passport or identity card along with the carte grise each and every time they travel in their vehicle. If two people are using the same car, the carte grise must have the names of both persons in it for them to be eligible to use that particular vehicle. Even if someone were to hire a vehicle, remember to ask for the vehicle registration certificate from the hiring company as otherwise if the police stop you, it will be a big problem.

Getting the carte grise involves a lengthy procedure where various documents have to be submitted to the department concerned along with the application form for the authorities to even consider your request. These documents consist of your passport, proof of your residency in France which can be taken care of by attaching an electricity bill or any other utility bill, the technical conformity certificate for which you have to take your vehicle to a testing station set up for this purpose, certificate from the vehicle manufacturer or dealer certifying the vehicle’s ability to run on French roads and a certificate proving that you’re the legal owner of the said vehicle.

Instead of submitting your application by post which will take up to 10 days for the processing to take place and for you to receive just the temporary grey card. You will be much better off if you access the carte grise official website and submit your application online. You will not only receive confirmation of registration within 24 hours but also get an opportunity to go through the website and get all the information you need in connection with the registration of your vehicle and the documents that are needed.

This is the quickest and most secure method of obtaining your carte grise as has been proved by more than 5,000 motorists who get their grey card every month by submitting their applications online. Once you receive notification of approval you can go ahead and place the order for the French number plates which will be required to drive in France.

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