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Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X Review

Entirely revamped for Final Cut Pro X book has convincing new edition a best-selling Apple-certified tutorial offering a strong groundwork in all elements of video editing. Well-known author Diana Weynand begins with essential video editing methods and takes booklovers throughout Final Cut Pro’s commanding characteristics. Every episode offers an inclusive lesson in a characteristic of video editing and completion utilizing specialized broadcast recording. The book involves Final Cut Pro’s thrilling new characteristics, involving a totally redesigned interface, individual exposure and effective Magnetic Timeline.

DVD-ROM involves chapters and media files that have more than 40 hours of productive instructions

Persistent chapters guide you step-by-step through proficient, real-world ventures

Available writing form puts a specialist coach at your side

Sufficient designs and keyboard shortcuts assist you in mastering techniques faster

Tutorial objectives and time estimates assist you in planning your time

Chapter re-evaluation questions sum up what you have learned and organize you for the Apple Certified Pro Exam


Final Cut Pro X is a ground-breaking editing application which involves several fresh ideas and characteristics that are different from those in earlier editions of Final Cut Pro. This text – prepared as per the main segments of an editing workflow – utilizes the Final Cut Pro 7 app for consideration to discuss how to finish vital tasks in Final Cut Pro X. In Final Cut Pro 7, projects comprise both series that include your editing choices and clips, which are the links to supply media. Consequently, all the series and metadata are connected with the supply media trek jointly in a solo project.

In Final Cut Pro X, series details and media details are saved in separate database folders; the previous in a development and the last in an occasion. A Final Cut Pro X venture has a solitary sequence but you can acquire as many ventures as you may like, all of them can downgrade to the similar media and metadata. It’s simple to choose between numerous Final Cut Pro X projects by just clicking the History Key. Control-click and grasp the buttons to demonstrate a record of projects that were opened during your editing period.


The record permits you to swiftly leap to another task for instance to copy and paste various clips or clip traits like effects. The Project Library portrays all projects in the Final Cut situated on local and network-attached drives. You can easily systematize projects inside the Project Library utilizing folders. You can shift projects out of the Final Cut Projects at the Finder Level; therefore they don’t appear inside the Project Library. When you bring in media into Final Cut Pro X, you connect it with an Event by generating a fresh event or selecting a present one. The Event can be easily made on a local, peripheral or network drives and becomes accessible mechanically whenever the drive is fitted. The Event Library portrays the complete events inside the Final Cut Events file situated on local and network-attached drives.

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