Making money online selling affiliate products is the most profitable online business. It’s not that easy as it sounds, you can only make good money provided you can stay ahead in competition and avoid making mistakes most marketers already did.

No one is perfect. I also made lots of mistakes when I started, and I hate making same mistakes again. I know you too.

My Story: I was doing my bachelors and use to spend 5-7 hours online daily surfing social networking websites, YouTube, blogs, etc. One day I came to know about affiliate marketing on one blog.

I liked the concept and I spent next few days learning Search Engine Optimization and launched a website. BUT I missed something more important than search engine optimization to drive traffic to my website.

You must be thinking what is more important than learning how to drive more traffic to your website?

More Traffic = More Sales, Right? Not always, because if you don’t know how to convert traffic into sales/leads then you are wasting time your time.

You got it now. I missed learning how to convert traffic into sales and select perfect niche to promote. I made lots of mistakes, and today I will share 7 mistakes you must avoid for affiliate business success.

7 Mistakes You Must Avoid For Affiliate Marketing Success

1.Putting all Eggs in One Niche

As simple as it looks, most affiliates like you fall victim of this mistake. If you are reading this then you are probably an internet marketer or affiliate marketer.

Most newbie and professional internet marketers think to make money online from affiliate you have to sell “make money” affiliate products. Right? WRONG!!!

Being an internet marketer it’s ok to sell “make money” affiliate products but never put all eggs in on niche. You can easily promote other products you are passionate about.

Write down your 5 hobbies and 5 things you are passionate about except Internet Marketing. Do it right now!!! Done with the list? Ok read on.

Now you have 10 niches to research on. Next you have to figure out which 2 niches are profitable to promote. If you are passionate about anything, you can easily promote that stuff.

My Story: I personally promote 3 niches, Make Money Online, Forex and Dating. I make most out of dating not make money online. It’s easy to promote other niches if you are passionate about that.

2.Zero Residual Affiliate Income

Another common mistake most affiliate marketers do is selling one-time commission products. I’m not totally against selling one time commission products but you must sell residual income affiliate products.

If you sell 100 one time affiliate commission products of $30, you made $30×100 = $3000 but let’s what if you make residual income affiliate products.

One Time Commission: $30
Residual Commission: $20/m
Total Sales: 100

One Time Income: $30×100 = $3000
Residual Income: $20×100 = $2000

Did I say $2000/m residual income? YES!!! You make residual income without any additional efforts. Gurus are not making millions from one time commission products. Professional affiliate marketers promote residual income products to enjoy the online business lifestyle.

Task: Find 4 Residual Income affiliate products in your niche and start promoting them.

3.Losing Focus

This is the biggest problem with most affiliate marketers and most of you must have done or doing this mistake.

Have you started with one niche, then see other shiny niches, lose your focus and jump over to another niche without being an expert in first niche? Sounds like you? You are doing this biggest mistake.

You must be saying above I told you to diversity in 2-3 niches, and now this is the mistake? Diversify into other niches but you might be doing it the wrong way.

Professional affiliate marketers work in multiple niches and usually do so very successfully. However, they always start with exclusively one niche and become successful in that niche before starting another niche.

You have to create your goals in each niche and then move forward. Make realistic goals like you will start another niche only after you make $10,000 per month from your first niche.

Task: Create your goals in existing niche.

4.Zero Landing Page

Another mistake most of you might have done is sending visitors directly to vendor sales/pitch page. This might work for few of you if lucky because when you send a visitor directly to vendor without collecting their name and email address you lose a chance to make future sales from them.

What if you they visit website from you link but never make a purchase? You lose that visitor, and if he came from PPC campaign you lost few cents too.

Best method is to create a squeeze page and give away a free report/solution to a visitor in return to their name and email address. This doesn’t have to be an exact solution what they want but something similar to what they were looking for.

Now you got their name and email address for future sales. If you repeat this same process for every niche you can create a huge list of thousands of hot prospects that are read to buy products or services.

On an average 5% of your list members will buy products every time you send an email.

Task: Get a PLR, Rebrand it and create a squeeze page.

5.Zero Follow-up System

Mistake 4 told you to collect visitors name and email address. Now what? You will spam their inbox by sending only affiliate products and do hard selling.

Internet users are not happy to be sold; they are seeking information online rather than purchasing anything instantly. Once you get their name and email you have to create a follow-up system to contact them often and provide valuable information to build credibility.

Why should they buy from your link? People only buy products you recommend when they trust you, and you provide valuable information to them.

You can use email auto responder to send follow-up emails. Recommended auto responders:

  1. Aweber
  2. ImnicaMail
  3. GetResponse

6.Leaving Up Too Soon

Unlike any other business affiliate marketing also need patience and hard to get affiliate commission. If you have already quit, then you quit too soon. It can take the weeks and even months to get your first sales, but once you get the ball rolling everything seems to be easy.

It’s always hard to get your first sales commission because you don’t know what will work. Once you get your first sale you know the process you are doing work and can generate money for you.

Put double or triple efforts doing same process and tweak to make more sales. Once you have one successful process that generates money for you, test another process and see if that generate affiliate commission for you.

7.Laziness Of Trying New Promotion Method

Last mistake I want to mention in this article is most of us are the lazy people and want to get rich overnight without trying any new promotion method.

I was one of them before but my financial need forced me think out of the box, and I started trying new promotion methods. I was amazed when I tried new promotion methods, my income increased thrice. I highly recommend opting 3-4 marketing methods to generate traffic to your website or increase sales.

Why you want to reply on search engine only when you can generate targeted traffic distributing e-books, classified ads, Contextual links, ezine ads, holding contest, etc.…?

Task: Add 3 more promotions methods to your marketing strategy.

I corrected these 7 mistakes, and I want you not to do these mistakes I did.

Let me know if you agree with this information, or if you want to share more mistakes to avoid.

Posting comments is highly appreciated.


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