One of the best things in my opinion ever created for mobile devices is GPS and navigation programs. You can find where you need to go and not worry about getting lost. It may also have set to rest that eternal debate men have with their wives about asking for directions.

The job search process needs to be seen as a sequence of events. You identify possible opportunities. You submit your resume to advertise your skills to lead to an interview. The interview leads to the actual job offer. There are tools to assist in the job search. One of them is your mobile device.

Look at searching for jobs with a smartphone. Job search boards like and have interactive apps that allow their sites to be search with a mobile device. One feature almost every device has that also can be used is mobile navigation. Used correctly, it can be a great asset in your career development efforts.

Think of yourself as an accountant in Baltimore Maryland. You have a certain commute time you want to adhere to. Load up a map of the Baltimore area and figure out what your commute time. Draw an area of the map that starts in the city center and strech outward. Consider that your search area.

Within your grid identify employers you may want to work for. Do a Google search like accounting firms in Baltimore. Identify those within your search area, If you want to get real fancy print it out and put it on your wall with pins representing where employers are located. Treat it like a military campaign.

One of the proven ways to make an impression is to get to the interview on time. Mobile navigation can be great for finding the best route for your destination. You can use it to pre-plan your route the day of the interview. Of course if you get lost pull out your trusty device to guide you. This comes a long way from the days before cel phones where if you woke up late you may be out of luck.

Navigation does not need to stop with going to the interview. You can preview the areas you may be working in to get a better idea of what is around. Is the place of employment convenient to shopping? Are there great places to eat? A simple search can find places but you can also see the places as well.

For example you may find a vibrant business district in downtown Austin Texas perfect.

Or perhaps a nice quaint area of Portland Oregon meets your taste.

If you are a freelancer or independent contractor the mobile device can also be a great asset. If you landed a big job or have a deadline there may be times yor home office may not be enough. You may need to find a co-working space that has amenities you need like high speed wi-fi or copiers and faxes. It may also prove useful if you are working on a group project with others. Once again your trusty mobile device can help you locate places such as General Assembly in New York City.

Other resources can be located like your local library for research or even the best outdoor park for an afternoon of refreshing work time outside. In the freelancing world where time is money your mobile device can be a good friend.

What ways have you found a mobile device to help you find work?