Well then, let’s go over some basic knowledge of Airsoft. Airsoft is a simulator sport, similar in concept to paintball. It is mainly popular in places like Russia, the U.K, and anywhere across Europe, but is still played everywhere in the U.S. Games are usually played with teams in scenarios and lifelike maps. Each team can have up to anywhere from 10 to 15 players (on average) and carry a main hand and a sidearm.


Main hand weapons range anywhere from an Assault Rifle, to a Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and in less competitive play style, pistols. But, pistols are mainly used as side arms. Airsoft has been around for nearly 50 years now. Used as training for Military and law enforcement personnel. Airsoft guns are the most realistic alternative to the real thing. Anyways, this blog is about helping beginner Airsoft players develop an understanding about the roots of Airsoft. We will also show you what you need to know in order to go out to any Airsoft field and play.


This is probably the best party of Airsoft, choosing your gun. The choices are unlimited, with a huge selection of real guns – but Airsoft versions of them of course. You can choose anything from an M16, to a Dragonov. Assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers and more, Airsoft has an unlimited possibility for any sort of warfare role-play.


Airsoft is probably a lot more popular than you think it is. Throughout all the countries who support the game, there is at least a million players. Although the large player base, Airsoft is rarely played competitively. It is much more for players who enjoy reenactments or scenario like games. Reenactments could go as far as Airsoft grenades, Airsoft tanks, Airsoft helicopters – you name it, they most likely have it in Airsoft.


A popular support weapon used by Airsoft players is Airsoft grenades. The grenades are used exactly like a real frag grenade. Pull trigger, wait 5 seconds, boom. These are probably one of the most effective tools for wiping out a large room of hostiles. If you’re looking for a great time Airsofting, then definitely pick up a few of these bad boys.


Vests are occasionally used by the “softer” Airsoft players. Getting rained on my nearly 60 SPS, or shots per second is no fun. Well, maybe it is kind of fun… We still continue to play the sport! If you first start playing, we definitely recommend an Airsoft vest, long sleeves, and a face mask. This way you won’t have to get destroyed by the more experienced players with stronger guns. And try to stick with the less “decked out” groups, so you don’t risk getting demolished by high-powered rifles and ARs.